Sibersong's Gold Nugget SD - "Hank"

Sex: Male , Neutered Position:Team Dog
DOB:Sep 10, 2006 (11 Years) Height:23"
Breed:Siberian Husky Eyes Clear:3/2009
Dam:Kelims Sibersong McKinley SD, CGC
Sire:NorthWapiti's Odin
Siblings:Sibersong's Super Sully, Sibersong's Wild Wild West, Sibersong's Painted Lady, Sibersong's Wolf of Spirit Creek, Sibersong's Cooper of Spirit Creek
Race History:
Greenville Wilderness 100

Can-Am Crown 250, L'Odyssée Appalachienne 120, Eagle Lake 100

Bartlett Fun Run, Sandwich Notch 45 Mile Race, Stratford Nighthawks 40 Mile Race, 100 Mile Wilderness Race, Beargrease Marathon