2017 Sponsorship Opportunities

Please help us achieve our goals! The team will be heading to the midwest this race season to compete in the famed Beargrease Marathon, one of the longest sled dog races in the lower 48. This race is a qualifying race for the Iditarod.

I am so grateful to all of the sponsors who help us each season - it means so much to me to have your support! Whether this is your first time sponsoring or whether you're a returning sponsor, please know that your generosity is very very much appreciated.

I'm offering some unique sponsorship opportunities as listed below - many of these give something back to the sponsor. Click on a sponsorship title to select that sponsorship.

Can-Am Sled Sponsor - $1000

Want to know what it's like to ride behind a team of sleddogs as they explode out of the starting chute? Want to experience the thrill of starting the East Coast's largest race? This sponsorship level will earn you a complimentary ride on my sled down Main Street at the start of the 2017 Can-Am! This sponsorship level is available to only ONE rider*, and is first come first serve. In addition to the ride you will receive a Sibersong T-shirt, one item of commemorative gear from the 2017 Can-Am race, a banner ad on the website (if desired), and your name or logo on the dog truck for the season.

*Sponsor is responsible for travel expenses to Fort Kent. Passengers ride at their own risk and must sign a waiver to that effect. It's also a one-way trip down Main Street so rider will need to walk the 1/2 mile or so back to the starting chute.

Musher Sponsor - $500

Sponsor the musher and in exchange the musher (with dogs, if desired & allowed) will come to your school or business (or community group, party, or whatever) and do a 1 hour presentation on dog mushing*! In addition you will get your name or logo on the website and on the dog truck for the season. This sponsorship level is available to only 2 sponsors, first come first serve.

*Presentation must be scheduled between April and September 2017 and is limited to within a ~100 mile radius of Plymouth NH.

Team Sponsor - $500

Why just sponsor a dog when you can sponsor the entire team? Team sponsors will receive a banner ad on the website (if desired), their name or logo on the dog truck for the season, a Sibersong T-shirt and one item of commemorative gear from a race we participate in during 2017. This sponsorship level is available to multiple sponsors.

Bootie Sponsor - $50

Each leg of a distance race requires a minimum of one set of brand new booties per dog. That's 48 booties, and at approximately $2 per set per dog it's roughly $25-$50 per race leg. That's a lot of booty! So we could really use some boot loot, and the dogs say they're willing to donate a set of used booties to anyone who has it in their hearts to outfit their feet in style this winter. Yes, that's right - being a Bootie Sponsor will net you 4 used, smelly dog boots that actually were used in one of our races. The musher will autograph them and everything! This sponsorship level is available to many many sponsors since we need many many booties.

Dog Sponsorships

Sponsor a dog for anywhere between $25-$250 - you pick which dog or dogs you want to sponsor. Dog sponsors will have their names listed on that dog's individual webpage and on the Dog Sponsorship page of the website. As a dog sponsor you are welcome to come to Sibersong during the year and meet "your" Sibersong sled dog, who will give you lots of complimentary dog kisses in appreciation for your support. All dogs can have multiple sponsors.
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