Sponsor A Dog

There are currently 22 dogs in the race pool this year. While there is no guarantee that the dog(s) you sponsor will make it to the starting line of the races we do, the majority of these dogs will likely do at least one race during the season.

All sponsorship monies will be used only for racing and training expenses. Dog sponsors will have their names listed on that dog's individual webpage and below. As a dog sponsor you are welcome to come to Sibersong during the year and meet "your" Sibersong sled dog, who will give you lots of complimentary dog kisses in appreciation for your support.

Click on a dog's photo below to go to their individual page for more info about that dog. To sponsor that dog, click on the sponsor button below the dog's photo. This will bring you to our Paypal shopping cart page. Or if you wish to sponsor via check or money order, please for instructions on how to do so.

Dogs can have multiple sponsors.

The Indispensibles - $250

These are my absolute best and most dependable leaders.

The Super Stars - $100

All proven leaders, these dogs are always first pick for the race team.

The Dependables - $75

These dogs are the muscle and backbone of the team, and more than half of them are also leaders-in-training.

The Youngsters - $50

This is their first season of racing, and there are some super-stars in the making here!

The Future - $25

These pups are still growing and learning but someday they'll be super sled dogs. Sponsor your favorite cutie while they're young!